Men - Why Test These Hormones?


SHBG - Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

PSA - Prostate Specific Antigen

IGF-1 - an index of Human Growth Hormone


Testosterone is important for:

  • energy production (ATP)
  • preventing mental and physical fatigue
  • maintaining sex drive
  • building and maintaining healthy skin, bone and muscles

Testosterone deficiency can cause:

  • loss of bone density (osteoporosis)
  • night sweats
  • mental burnout
  • insulin resistance
  • decreased muscle mass
  • erectile dysfunction
  • low physical stamina
  • low sex drive
  • depression
  • cardiovascular disease
  • immune dysfunction

SHBG is important because:

  • It is used as a relative index of your overall exposure to all forms of estrogens: those produced by your body (endogenous) and those consumed (phytoestrogens, xenoestrogens)
  • It is an indirect index of estrogen interaction with the liver.
  • It is the protein that binds tightly to total testosterone in the circulation and limits the amount of testosterone bioavailable to tissues.
  • High levels indicate excess exposure to estrogens and lower availability of testosterone to tissues.

SHBG outside the expected range indicates:

  • An imbalance between testosterone to estrogen.
  • High = overall estrogen burden
  • Low = low estrogen, more bioavailable testosterone
  • Andropause onset and/or rapid aging in men (see above).
  • Increased risk of prostate disease.

PSA is important because:

  • It is a protein produced by the prostate gland that we can measure.
  • It is an important indicator of prostatic enlargement or increased risk of cancer.
  • PSA needs to be within the expected range for two good reasons:
  • High PSA levels are a warning sign of prostate health risks.
  • Normal PSA evaluation is prerequisite to initiating testosterone therapy.

IGF-1 is important because:

  • It is a reliable indicator of human growth hormone.
  • Low IGF-1 levels indicate Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency associated with rapid aging, decreased muscle and bone mass, slowing cognition, low libido and poor quality of life.

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