Adrenal Fatigue Test for Stress Hormone Levels

Stress Symptoms: Adrenal Fatigue, Weight Gain, Poor Sleep, Foggy Thinking

 When you're chronically stressed it shows up in your adrenal hormones, most often as high cortisol and low DHEA. When your adrenals get tired, cortisol levels will fluctuate abonormally, and this can show up on tests taken in the morning and at night. Tired adrenals can cause many symptoms, including fatigue, poor sleep and weight gain. Chronic excessive stress can contribute to heart disease, diabetes and breast cancer. Low DHEA can be a marker of aging and a cause of foggy thinking and low energy.

The ZRT Adrenal Fatigue Stress Profile below is the most complete test of adrenal health and a good test for Adrenal Fatigue.