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Hormone imbalances can make a woman's menopausal transition a difficult time, but creating hormone balance with natural, bioidentical hormones can create harmony and balance. These menopause test kits offer valuable information for women seeking natural hormone balance. Saliva and blood spot testing are accurate, reliable, in-home and a simple first step in determining what may be causing symptoms in a menopausal woman.

Symptoms of menopause or perimenopause (the transition into menopause) caused by hormone imbalance may include hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, fatigue, moodiness, foggy thinking, weight gain, water retention, heavy menstrual bleeding, bone loss and headaches.

Overall, menopausal symptoms are most often caused by estrogen dominance, a term coined by Dr. John Lee to describe a woman who has too much estrogen relative to progesterone. Even though her estrogen levels may be normal (and not high), if she doesn't have enough progesterone to balance the effects of estrogen, she may have estrogen dominance symptoms. Progesterone deficiency is one of the major causes of menopausal symptoms and in many women, using about 20 mg per day of progesterone in a cream may solve the problem.

However, women who are stressed out may have high cortisol levels, and this can also cause hormone imbalances. Cortisol can block progesterone, creating progesterone deficiency symptoms even when progesterone levels are normal. This may sound complicated now, but when you receive the results of your saliva test, you'll find out how simple it can be to regain hormone balance.

A saliva test can give you the specific information you need to start feeling better.

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NOTE: New York State Residents

NY State residents:
With the exception of Vitamin D, New York State health law prohibits the testing of blood spot specimens collected in or mailed from New York and prohibits the transmission of blood spot laboratory data to NY physicians or residents. New York residents may order Vitamin D and saliva tests.

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You will be submitting health information and ordering tests for informational purposes only. For hormone tests, a contracted licensed physician will review your request and authorize the testing service you are purchasing. You are responsible for taking the test to your primary care physician for any additional interpretation and neither the physician authorizing the test, nor the lab, nor Virginia Hopkins Test Kits, are diagnosing or treating any condition through your use of this service.