Testosterone PLUS Hormone Test - A ZRT Saliva Test Kit

zrt-saliva-hormone-test-kit-tmb.jpg ON SALE!

3 saliva tests - testosterone (free), estrogen (estradiol), cortisol. Tests for 3 of the basic hormones for male hormone balance.

Testosterone: Male hormone responsible for developing muscle, libido, male traits, and in excess, for hair loss, irritability, low libido and more.

Estrogen: Testosterone can convert to estrogen in fat cells, especially in belly fat.

Cortisol: Stress (high cortisol) can deplete testosterone.

Results and written recommendations and analysis included.

Testosterone Plus is a good snapshot of male hormone balance.

A good test for men using testosterone gels or creams to avoid testosterone overdose.

Symptoms of male hormone imbalance may include rapid aging, weight gain, belly fat, fatigue, poor sleep, muscle loss, irritability, low libido.

Saliva Testing is not recommended for those using sublingual hormones. We recommend blood spot testing instead.