Hormone Trio Saliva - ZRT 3 Hormone Test Kit

zrt-saliva-hormone-test-kit-tmb.jpg ON SALE!

Tests Testosterone, Estradiol (estrogen or E2) and Progesterone in saliva. Results and written recommendations and analysis included. The Hormone Trio Saliva Test is a good basic snapshot of hormone levels and hormone balance for men and women.

Symptoms of hormone imbalances in these hormones may include low libido, muscle loss, insomnia, weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, and PMS.

The saliva test measures "Free" hormones.

The saliva sample is collected at home by spitting into 1 tube first thing in the morning. Detailed instructions are included. The sample is sent to the lab in a pre-addressed mailer with a pre-paid UPS label.

The test results report is typically completed within 3 - 5 business days of when the sample arrives at the lab. An email with a link will be sent from the lab, where the results report can be securely viewed/printed/downloaded.

Saliva Testing is not recommended for those using sublingual hormones.